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12 Com 2012
I love teaching but I never thought I would ever become a teacher when I was a boy. I guess I have been lucky to discover the job I love doing every day. Life has been good to me. Today, I define myself as a teacher and see myself learning everyday. I feel my life's purpose has been realized and I would continue to touch many young lives and try my best to give back what ever I can to my King and country through my services as a teacher.
Becoming a teacher has made me a better person.


  1. keep up the same passion and spirit man! Bhutan needs more passionate teachers like u.

    Best wishes,

    kinley tshering

  2. if there is one thing that always pops up on my mind ever since i left the Glorious PHSS is you dear Sir, i am sure my days in PHSS would not have been so memorable and best if you were not a part of did not just teach me that its not always important to know the Correct answer but its more important to speak out your answer...learning is a delight when its being taught by make us(students) feel good about us just being ourselves rather than for giving the answer whispered by the i wish to sit in your class and not just listen to you but interact as well because that is what you make us do with ease..i remember in your first i announced i am "Special Sonam" but sir in your last class i realized you have become my NEVER FORGETTABLE NORBU Sir..for sure you are a happy teacher in a happy school,in a happy country making us the HAPPIEST students..Thank You Sir.
    p.s.i called you in the early hour of 2nd May. Later Kelden informed me about your leave..hope everything went well..and yes a VERY VERY HAPPY BE-LATED TEACHER'S DAY MY FAVORITE TEACHER.

    my Respect to your Beautiful wife(Madam Tshering Yangchen) and love to your Super-Cute Son Gyelphel Rigden(i tend to never forget this name).
    always your sincere student to remain
    Sonam Choden
    12Sci A (2009)

  3. how wonderful! finally found your blog page. so much for my web surfing skills.

    your ama,
    chencho gyalmo dorjee,