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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Riddle

Have you ever heard the riddle, " Why do girls hiss when they piss?" be some of you have and may be thinking.............that's easy........or.............some of you may be thinking..........wait I know the answer...what is it?what is it?what is it?........and some of you may be saying "Girls hiss when they piss because they don't have silencer pipe like boys! Ha Ha" 

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Well I don't know how many of you will believe me but I created this riddle back in the winter of 2002, when I finished my class twelve. Yes, today I would like to own it officially on my blog. If there is any one who claims the same, you are always welcome to challenge me. You may do so by writing in my comment box and I will respond to validate my claim.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Brain Joke

Once there was an auction of Brains. These Brains for sale belonged to some of the geniuses of our time. They belonged to Newton, Ibsen, Shaw, Leonardo, Einstein and the list goes on.

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But the most expensive brain did not belong to Einstein or any other top scientist. The most expensive brain belonged to a Sardaarjee (Sikh). People at the auction were all amazed as to why was it the most expensive.

Until they read the label on the bottom of the Brain, "Brand new, has never been used!"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gephel the Increaser of Merit

Apprehensive torrents purge my bay,
The once tranquil atmosphere now fades
Like the morning mist giving way to the day
When I behold this pure creature, I made.

Pure he is, like the heavenly dove
Born into this unforgiving time
Where you can feel the cry of ravished love
Tainted with cruelty prime.

Therefore, this is an honest prayer
From an honest father for his young son
Like the true words of a soothsayer
Let my words shine like the bright sun.

May he grow strong and tall
Become wise with fulfilling stern
May he never fall
But when he does let him learn

May he live up to his name
“Gephel” the increaser of merit
Let his path be laden with fame
And bring joy to all true credit

Joy of the spiritual kind
In this tired times of crazy gale
With a rich matured wise mind
Let him in his purpose never fail

May he grow like the vast ocean
Bearing a fulfilling rich face
Dedicated to humane and spiritual motion
Bestowing upon beings the kind of love and grace.

So I say my prayer
For the one who is to become strong
To let his journey be clear
So I sing this song.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Ozorongpas

Once two Ozorongpas were returning to their village, my father told me. It was getting late and night fell before they reached home. As they neared their village the mountain on the other side of the river was on fire. The first Ozorongpa exclaimed, “The river is on fire!” seeing the reflection of the fire on the surface of the water. The second Ozorongpa who was very concerned shot back, “When the river is on fire where do you think the fishes run to?”   The first Ozorongpa calmly said, “ They climb the trees.” The second Ozorongpa who was not at all convinced said, “ How is that possible? They are not pigs to climb trees.”  

Jokes about Sardars are very common even among the Bhutanese. Like wise there are jokes about Mullah Narsudin among the Muslims. And we the Bhutanese have our very own Ozorongpas. Ozorong is a village in Tashigang, Eastern Bhutan

The humor in these jokes is born because they are ridiculous. There are exaggerations and play with the absurd. Anything that is illogical or senseless is funny to us as long as we are not the ones doing the stupid thing.