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Thursday, March 6, 2014

To Kill a Bear

In one of my classes we were discussing commitment and bonding in the story, Bluffing, by the canadian writer Gail Helgason.
In the story the two main characters come across a grizzly bear. They face it together but one runs aways and we were later discussing which character was more committed to their relationship. With this there was brainstorming and sharing of understandings of bonding and commitment.

One of my students wanted to share a story he heard. He didn't go into the details but said that, a father and a son can kill a bear but not two friends. He said since there was a stronger bonding and commitment between the father and the son, they would not abandon each other but the friends may only think about themselves and render themselves vulnerable to an attack. So, a father and son can kill a bear but not two friends.

I never heard the story/saying before but I felt its message was very augmenting to the values that enrich our lives.
I am very happy that I have students like this boy. His name is Nono Jimmy and he is a bright boy.