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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lucky to teach in Bhutan

Western or foreign students in movies and books are interesting. Movies like Dangerous Minds, Coach Carter, and books like To Sir with Love or The Water is Wide portray students who are challenging. These stories are about ordinary teachers who love their job. Imagining these movies and books I cannot help but feel lucky to be teach my students. 

I feel lucky to have students who are genuine in their effort to learn.  I am thankful to have students who put up with me during hot sweaty Punakha afternoons.  I am proud to have students who work hard to do their best. I am thankful to have students who are genuine in the respect and I am grateful for the friendship we share. Though I share jokes with them, they know that there is a line between us which we should respect.

 My classroom is safe because there are no guns or knives. Students are not high or intoxicated. And they listen to me when I reason with them. They challenge me and the book when it is required but do it in a matured manner. I respect their imagination and they mine.

Teaching is a joy because of my students and moments with them inspires me to continue doing what I do. As a student I never thought my sleepy eyes or my stern serious face, not always but sometimes, could sway my teachers’ mood. Now as a teacher, I see how important was my role in helping my teachers love their job. The eager faces of my students energise me even in the last period of a hard hot day.  Their faces are eager to learn, to discover, to laugh, and to appreciate the stories, poems and the essays we unfold together.

11 Sci D, 2009

My students encourage me everyday. It has been four years and may be I will continue to teach for many years because of my students.    


  1. Your articles are our source of inspiration-to be a future educationist. When everybody is reluctant to join this noble profession as a result of which the teaching job is kept as a last option, to see such a dedicated and happy teacher like you makes me feel so proud! I hope you will draw even more happiness and find even better reasons to remain in the same profession for many years to come.

    I salute you, sir!

  2. Dear Pema,
    Thank you for reading and letting me know that my writing will inspire future educationist. I am very happy to hear this.
    Thank you.

  3. wow......its so nice...your thoughts and your idea about your students should be the idea amongst our teachers through out the nation. you certainly would make a great teacher, or may be you are a one...happy teaching...:)

  4. Thank you Sogyel, you are too kind. I do my best and my conscience is clear because i do. I am humbled by your comment.

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  6. this article took me to those beautiful days that we have spent togethr la....