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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Tshering sat in his chair and struggled between his faith and his disillusion - an intense tug of war in his mind. His up-bringing told him that he had to have complete faith. Even the stories he read as a boy said that if one has complete faith and blind devotion, then one can find the Buddha in the most unlikely things/places. But the modern educated man in him questioned the being before him. He recalled who some of his friends called the Rinpoche, "Rinpoche James Bond" and talks about womanizing and partying kept him occupied and very confused.

He would have not been there in the hall had it not been for his best friend, Kinley. While Tshering was confused, Kinlay on the other hand was fully immersed in everything devotional. He sat next to Tshering, peacefully luxuriating in the warm radiance of the Rinpoche.

The Rinpoche finished his oral transmission and the audience applauded. The Rinpoche smiled and said that the applaud was not necessary. He was not a show-man but still thanked the people gathered in the hall.

Later outside the hall, Kinley and Tshering were with Kinley's mother. The Rinpoche was passing by and the three stepped aside. They bowed as the Rinpoche passed by.

"Your son?" Rinpoche asked Kinley's mother. The mother nodded in response.
"How come? An ugly monkey like you to have a handsome son like this boy!" The group of people following the Rinpoche laughed and some giggled. Tshering saw Kinley's Mother going red and trying an awkward smile.

Tshering didn't know what to feel, he was caught by surprise. Later he felt deeply insulted even though the remark was not intended at him or his mother. He felt anger on behalf of his friend. He felt it was justifiable as Kinley was his best buddy. He couldn't believe how the Rinpoche could say such a thing in front of everybody to one of his most faithful disciples. But he held his thoughts.

Later when Tshering was alone with Kinley, he finally shared. He expected similar and equal feelings from his friend if not very overwhelming. But he was disappointed with his friends respond.

Kinley said,"The Rinpoche said those words on purpose and for a good reason."
"By embarrassing my mother in the crowd, the Rinpoche was cleansing my mother's demerits."