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Saturday, May 7, 2011

His Majesty's Visit

On 30th April His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo visited my school. It was a pleasant morning and everyone in the school was very excited. The atmosphere in the multipurpose hall where we waited, I felt, was intoxicatingly intense with everyone eager to meet His Majesty.
His Majesty came to school and only talked about love. When asked by one of the students, what he as a king expected from an educated Bhutanese, he simply told the student and all the other students to love their husbands and wives in the future. His Majesty said charity begins at home, so happiness should also begin at one’s home and then extend outwards. It was a morning filled with His Majesty’s laughter, the atmosphere in the hall was lively and everyone/thing was gay.

It was also on that fine auspicious morning that His Majesty announced that he has decided to marry. A suitable person who will be his better half has been found. And there was love in the air.

I was simply amazed to watch how effortlessly His Majesty connected with the students. His Majesty didn’t mention a single word about studying hard or serving the nation but simply talked about Love that morning.

And I thought, 'We are so lucky to have His Majesty.'