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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thanking You

 Another poem selected and edited for the School Magazine. By Tshering Pem 11 Sci B

We were a dot in the Himalayas,
But our Kings put us on the World map,
For many years now peace is unprecedented,
Under the Wangchuck Dynasty.

For a brighter and bigger sun to shine,
On our people and for your country.
Democracy was nurtured through the years,
Until our noble Kings thought we were ready.

Though democracy was a new shoe,
With royal guidance we did play our role.
A Government was voted to power by us,
And it did live up to the aspirations we had.

There is no regret for the votes we cast,
Five summers ago when we wielded our first right.
And those five summers passed by fast,
But yielded rich fruits that everyone enjoyed.

Like longing for the warm and beautiful sun,
That sets to leave you cold in the winter evening,
We harbor hope deep inside,
To welcome the same sun again.

Thought it is with empty hands and only words,
We thank our government for their services.

Thank You.


  1. its happy to know that the patriotism is instilled in younger generations.

  2. @ Sonam Dorji - Very true, though our society has some issues involving the young, it is also very comforting to know that we have others who are very good. Thank you for reading.

    @Yeesi7 - Thank you Yeesi, your words mean a lot to me and my student. Thank you for reading.