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Monday, August 6, 2012


A poem selected and edited for the Annual School Magazine.
Also a poem every teacher should read.

Kinley Wangmo 12 Sci B

When in disgrace with results,
I was all alone and shamed in my outcast state.
You were the one who held my hands
And renewed me to my goals once again.

In stress and tension I cried,
But you taught me to fight back.
You encouraged me not to give up,
And inspired me to study harder.

You taught me to cope with my emotions,
You taught me how to deal with the ups and downs.
When trouble made me suffer,
You shone the light of solution.

Like the bright sun illuminating the darkness,
You rid the shadows of doubt.
You help me realize my purpose in class,
And in doing this I find Happiness.

Thank you Teachers for this Happiness.


  1. This is really a strong poem.
    I hope everyone reads her poem and read between the lines to understand how teachers inspires students to become an able person.

    Thank you for sharing sir.

  2. Thank you I am very happy that you like it, I will tell my student.