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Friday, December 3, 2010

English and Me

I love English, I always loved English even as a child and through English I define myself as a teacher. It has only been four years as an English language teacher but I want to see myself growing old with this subject. With every lesson I teach in the class there are new words to learn, new phrases to understand and new excitements to enjoy every time I read lines that come with powerful spontaneous over flow of the writers’ emotions. I envy theses writers for having so many words and so much skill at their disposal to express themselves and their surrounding with so much clarity and coherence. Every word mingles with other words to create pictures in the readers’ mind, images that are rich and provoke one’s imagination to wander and reach for new horizons. I love English and by expressing my love for this subject I want my students to also love this rich subject of literature and language.
Today in our country the quality of education is questioned and with this the standard of English comes in the lime light because all the other subjects are taught through English.I look at my students and though I feel desperate as to how I can improve their English I am also grateful for their effort and interest.  
There is hope and as long as I express my love for this subject I know that my students will follow.   

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