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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dzongkha and Me, Part II

On the 24th of September my school was visited by the Secretary of the Dzongkha Development Commission, Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen. The objectives of the visit were clear as I know our national language is important but listening to the Dasho’s presentation, I came to know I never really realized how important it was to me as a Bhutanese. I had been clouded by ignorance and had been carried away by my English. How I was good and better in English had me never really be bothered with how poor I was or am in Dzongkha. I never thought about the impact it would have on my country’s future if there were more people like me. People like me who prefer to use English over Dzongkha and only look at the national language as crude and not rich enough to express ourselves.
Language in any society is of utmost importance, the language that weaves the social fabric is the identity of that particular society. With globalization in place, every country is striving to promote their identity. One should not forget one’s roots and in remembering the roots, realizes the importance of identity. This I did not know until Dasho Sherub opened my eyes. I am grateful that I did not miss his talk. Attending his talk I came to understand the initiative I should take as a Bhutanese to promote Dzongkha. The vital juices of his talk, I know I will not be able to convey in these few awkward lines but I think there is no harm in trying.
to be continued ...

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