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Monday, October 11, 2010

3 men caught with 284 grams of hashish

3 men caught with 284 grams of hashish
Hash Possession 27 September, 2010 - Thimphu police have seized 7three men, suspected to be involved in the illegal transactions of controlled substance.

This is not the latest news regarding hash, the recent was young people in Punakha caught by police(BBS 4th Oct). Hash or also known to some as maal or to some others as Laerim has come a long way. From what I read in Dasho Kinley Dorji’s ‘Within the Realm of Happiness’, Karma was one of the first who introduced smoking hash in the country. People didn’t know what the smokers were doing rubbing the plant on their palm then. And now the story between hash and young people is growing numerous, most of the time taking the front page or making the headlines. Most tourists I hear are amazed to see the abundance of marijuana growing freely in our country.
Now, the reason why I write what I write is to support Hashish, maybe to the extent that it should be given legal status. This I would like to do by labeling hash with alcohol. When alcohol enjoys legal status why is hash persecuted. Hashish doesn’t cause any aggression in the users. On the other hand people who smoke hash only occasionally I hear become creative and imaginative. I also found out, No reports of a statistical linkage between hashish and violent crime have been published in known scientific literature; instead it has been found to generally inhibit aggressive impulses.’  Wikipedia.
One of the recent news that caught my attention was a father-in-law killing his son-in-law because the son-in-law was under the influence of alcohol and threatened to kill the whole family. He was however killed by the father-in-law in self-defense. Domestic violence results because of alcohol. We don’t hear such news regarding marijuana. So, if alcohol enjoys legal status then why can’t marijuana when marijuana causes no aggression, and no domestic violence. 

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