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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ten Reasons why I want to go back to school

Winter vacations are good times. They give me moments where my time is not controlled by the bell. A time to be with my family, a time to set aside time and forget it doing things I love doing.
But in the middle of forgetting time I can’t forget that I don't get to do the one thing that I love doing: being back in school, teaching. So, here are some good reasons why I want to be back in school.

1. For the Attention
I can never ignore the tremendous attention I get from my students when I am in the classroom. I never lose my audience. It is one of the best reasons why I want to go back.

2. For Feeling Useful
When I am in the classroom I feel useful. I feel useful to my young friends and myself. Almost everyday I go home with a feel of “time well spent”, every day I teach and I learn.

3. For More Laughter
I also realized after much contemplation that I get to laugh more when I am with my students. They have never failed to appreciate my sense of humor and I thank them for that.

4. For Speaking English
I love speaking English. In school I get to speak more English than any other time.  No other language is capable of rendering me the help I need when expressing my ideas.  Like Khushwant Singh I can also say, without any doubt, that my mother tongue is English thought my mother is not English.

5. For More Friends
In school I have more friends to indulge with. We play games, sing songs, dance, joke and do many things that celebrate life.

6. For Feeling Younger
Being surrounded by young people can’t do me more but invigorate me with the energy to make me feel young and strong every day. No day is a lazy-one in my school.

7. For Learning
As much as I teach, I learn everyday. I may not be able to list all the learning but it is very evident when I retrospect on where I am and where I was before I became a teacher.

8. For Feeling Important
English is very important not only as a subject but also as a tool of defining oneself with the world or to the world. I make my students realize this and stress my subject’s importance like any teacher stresses on his or her.

9. For Love
My students exhibit the love for my subject and me almost all the time.  I feel welcomed every period; be it the last or the first period of the day.   

10. For My Love of Literature
Poetry, stories, essays and drama excite my days. I have been teaching the same stuff for seven years but I never get tired of it. Ever year I get to try new approaches and get creative with my strategies.
We draw pictures with words that express the human emotions in a very profoundly beautiful way. And these pictures drawn using words are far more revealing and overwhelming than the pictures shot by sophisticated cameras.



  1. Same feeling and little more:
    11. To know what day it is.
    12. Healthy habits like Waking up on Time and sleeping on time.

    1. hahaha,,,,so waiting for saturday inna, Passu sir?

    2. Yeah I forgot two important points.

  2. A nice read, Nobu sir. The wonders and joy of being a teacher! Hope you are doing great. Take care. :)

  3. Can't disagree with the list. Lovely post
    Follow each other.

  4. ...and also to do good, be good and look good (for me vacations are the worst dressed period)

  5. Dear sir,
    I have nomnated you for Liebster Blog Award. Please check my post.

    1. I very sorry I didn't check my earlier post.