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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cold and Teaching

Now that winter has come, I like the cold weather while teaching. The cold weather is my ally in the classroom. The cold keeps my students awake and active and it in turn keeps me energized. I tell my students that we draw our enthusiasm for the lesson from each other. Though teachers and students volley the lesson's mood and progress, the teacher has the maximum strike. If they look dead it sucks the energy out of me but if I am dead then there is no other ignition to light up the fire in the classroom. If I see my students cold and shivering but very alive, it gets me going.That is why the cold is good in the classroom because it eases my effort. It a oxymoronic idea to have the students feel cold and fire at the same time.

So, the Cold creeps into my classroom and I welcome it. It sits on a chair and is with us. Some of the boys wrap their kabneys around their bare knees as the Cold comes and caresses them. The caressing is kind in a strange way. It doesn't have the warmth that a kind touch should have but its kindness is realized when one clearly understands the happenings in the classroom.

The Cold is an effervescent co-teacher in my classroom. It helps me get my job done.
School Girls, Art by Botho [my sister]


  1. But Nobu Sir, your place is much warmer than Thimphu. Anyhows I love when you say that your students warmed themselves with kabneys. Keep blogging la.

    1. Had it been in Thimphu I would have written something else haha..Thanks for reading Riku.

  2. awesome article sir, hats off to her for such a beautiful art..