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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Children, Our Investment

Above me, I have a UNICEF year planner (calendar) and on it I read, "Our Children, Our Investment". Below this line, "A nation's future will mirror the quality of her youth- a nation cannot fool herself into thinking of a brighter future when she has not invested wisely in her children"- His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, King of Bhutan.

I stop to think about it and write few lines that wing my way because I am a father, a teacher and a citizen of my country and the World. These words ring so very true that I find my purpose renewed in life.

On the calendar I see pictures.

I see a young girl drenched in sweat but smiling like the flowers smile at sunshine. Her eyes squint as her face cajoles a beautiful smile that is full of hope.

I also see kids playing football, galloping with energy and in innocence, warming up for the future they are to give us. With pure energy, they exhibit undaunted spirit for our future.

Three children stand with smiles that are radiant and full of life. Their faces are full and show beautiful white teeth. In their stand I see their strength and in their shyness I see humility.

In another picture a group of children are eager and are crowded over a boy with his notebook. May be he is showing his friends how many 'goods' he got from his madam. I see the leader in him, strong and proud.

In the last photo, a father is washing cloths while the mother and the baby sit and watch. They are all smiling and the baby, who is younger than a year old, has a wide smile. Its mouth is widely opened and makes one feel the encouragement it is making its father feel.

They will smile into the future and will shine bright, but only if we nurture them.  

Very few joys in life can equal the joy that children give us.


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