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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Spoon Thieves

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The first spoons were of gold, forged in the heavenly blue fires of the Gods (Lha). Men were brute then and dinning manners unknown. Happy as the Gods were beholding man, it deeply troubled them to watch a man feed. Thus, the Gods counseled among themselves to resolve this brutish eating manner and gifted the first of their spoons to the first kings of men.
Beings from all the realms witnessed and glorified the Gods for their noble deed. But not everyone was with the same mind and heart. Some disapproved of man's worthiness and claimed the civil hand for themselves secretly fearing the Gods' wrath if they openly laid their claim. The desire lurked like the long dark shadows of the deep woods and drew darker and stronger lines with the light from the godly moon.
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The  Lhamoens (Lesser Gods) were the feistiest and fiercely nurtured their desire to lay their hands on the spoons. It was they who defied the Gods and announced the gift unfit for the brutes like men. But in the "Great Wars of the Gilded Spoons" the Gods silenced the rebellion and sealed peace with promises of the immortal blood of the  Lhamoens. The Gods rested in peace, rest assured that man will enjoy the spoon gift. Divine as they may be, they lacked the shrewdness to trust the Lesser Gods. What the Gods failed to foresee in the bloody promise, the Lesser Gods read with malicious intent and growing desire and vengeance, once again. The promised words spelled, "The Lesser Gods shall not lay claim to man's spoons for all eternity" but it did not tell of any other being who could become their hand in taking away the precious spoon gifts. 
Thus, the Lesser Gods summoned the Michums (Little People)  from the forgotten realm and struck a bargain with them to steal the spoons. The Michums would be rewarded with the key to the hidden door that led to the world of men and find their way into the stories for children. They will be remembered and thus not fade away into time.
So, even today the Michums find their way into the houses of men and take away the spoons when it is the darkest of nights. 
If you don't remember your spoons they disappear from your kitchen closet and if you ever wonder why; the Michums took them.   

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