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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Ozorongpas

Once two Ozorongpas were returning to their village, my father told me. It was getting late and night fell before they reached home. As they neared their village the mountain on the other side of the river was on fire. The first Ozorongpa exclaimed, “The river is on fire!” seeing the reflection of the fire on the surface of the water. The second Ozorongpa who was very concerned shot back, “When the river is on fire where do you think the fishes run to?”   The first Ozorongpa calmly said, “ They climb the trees.” The second Ozorongpa who was not at all convinced said, “ How is that possible? They are not pigs to climb trees.”  

Jokes about Sardars are very common even among the Bhutanese. Like wise there are jokes about Mullah Narsudin among the Muslims. And we the Bhutanese have our very own Ozorongpas. Ozorong is a village in Tashigang, Eastern Bhutan

The humor in these jokes is born because they are ridiculous. There are exaggerations and play with the absurd. Anything that is illogical or senseless is funny to us as long as we are not the ones doing the stupid thing.


  1. Hello Nobu sir,
    How are you and where have you been? Missed your posts. Nice joke. I remember my friend telling this to me when we were herding cattle in the village. He just said three friends and not Uzorongpas. :) Keep updating.

    1. It is so nice to read your comment Langa. Thank you.
      I don't have internet at home because i live in the village and school was and is still closed for the winter vacation, but today I have a workshop and I finally got connected.
      "Uzorongpas" - so this is the correct spelling. Thank you.

  2. Nice one, Sir. Very humourous. Love to read more here.