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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Face's Story

Once upon a moment, there was a meeting among the Nose, the Mouth, the Eyes and the Ears.  It was a long time a go when Face did not exist. They were called together to decide their preferences on what was to be the Face. God felt it was wise to consult them as they themselves knew their roles better than anyone else.

The first to arrive at the meeting were the Eyes. Like the Ears they were twins, so they came together. Gradually the others followed. The last to arrive was the Mouth because Mouth was caught in a fight. God always worried about Mouth. Mouth unlike the others was not careful and always ended up in fights. May be Mouth was not to be blamed, God thought to himself. Mouth was created in such a manner that without proper consultation with the others and most importantly with the two headquarters, the Mind and the Heart, Mouth was bound to always make mistakes. And many a times, the others misled and provoked innocent Mouth to land into predicaments he regretted. Only the Nose didn’t say anything that caused pain to Mouth.

The meeting began with a ceremonial welcome address by God. When God asked their preferences, the spot they were to hold on Face, everybody thought their thoughts loud.  For a moment there was indecisive commotion among the meters.  God held his words and gave them their time to think loud.

The first ones to speak were the Eyes. They spoke as one for they had one voice. They wanted to be at the back of the Face because they thought it would be safe there.

The Ears wanted to be in the middle and together because they felt it would be warmer there and according to them, it was the most important spot.

The Mouth didn’t know where he wanted to be and the Nose said he would be happy where ever God placed him.

Since only few were certain about their preferences, God suggested.

He said to the Eyes “You are very important, without you the Face would lose direction and wonder in eternal darkness.”
The Eyes fluttered with pride and joy.  “Since you are gifted with deeper potentials to communicate beyond what can be heard, you shall not hide at the back. You shall take the top spot and guide the others.” The Eyes were brining with happiness that God showered such praises upon them.

To the Ears, God said, “The sides are as important as the middle, may not be warm like in the middle but never the less very important. If your twin sisters, the Eyes, are the guiding lights, you stand no lesser than them. For you hold within you the blessed gift of relishing the songs that are sung by your surrounding.”

The Ears swelled with happiness.

“Since you are able to comprehend what is beyond sight, you will be the guide when darkness impairs the Eyes. Thus, you will take you spot at the sides.”

But the Ears wanted to be together. To this God said, “Though you will be physically separated, your souls will always remained twined. For what is before you, the Eyes will consider but the sides are even more important. You will be the esteemed guards who will perceive what comes from the sides. Thus it is important that you take the two sides.”

To the Mouth, God said, “You are the youngest and the one who makes me worry the most. You are to take your spot at the bottom so that your siblings can watch over you.”

The Mouth grumbled and God saw that the youngest was not happy. So, he said, “With time, you will come to realize that you are very important, the decisions you make and the doings you do will decide the survival of all. You hold the power within you to prosper the Face. But that you should do in proper consultation with the Heart and the Mind, intercepting the tellings of your siblings.”

To the Nose, God smiled and said, “You have always been the easiest to reason with. You will act as the knot to hold your siblings together, so, I shall place you in the middle.”

Thus, that was how the Face's story came to me over three hours while I was doing my invigilation duty during the Trial Examinations in my school.


  1. Really interesting Story and a very Creative one as well.

    Liked it! :) This face is going to make more sense than what it actually use to mean.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha ha... Thanks for reading and the comment Pema.

  3. truly awesome 1 sir, enjoyed reading it. :)

  4. Your warm expression makes me excited and feel that I may get somewhere by writing stories. Thank you for finding it awesome Texten.