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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boys' Dogs

The dogs in my school behave peculiarly or at least I think they do because I think this is something happening only in my school. I have come to notice this for a long time but one is able to observe well when one is a Teacher on Duty(TOD).  Like today is mine. A TOD's day in the school begins at 6:30 Am and ends at 8:30 Pm.

The school courtyard
It is quite amazing how the dogs in the academic block behave. I like to call these dogs boys' dogs because they follow the boys. During the study hours they remain quiet. Most sleep. When the bell rings, and the students go for their meal, they follow them because they know it is meal time for them as well. When the students pray or are back in the class doing their study, the dogs wait in the school courtyard as if they know that they should not disturb the boys studying. They wait patiently.

The climax of the happening for me is the last bell of the day. When the final bell to end the night study rings, the dogs wake up from their short naps. They stretch their bodies and yawn. Many whine with excitement. I read the whines as relief at the ending of the silence because it is not for dinner or any other meal. I find similarities in the boys and the dogs when the final bell rings. Both produce sounds that express relief. Most boys shout and make sounds which express liberty. It is like the study hour for them is an unnatural setting, as if they have been caged. For most of boys it seems like they are forced to study. The TOD makes rounds and if they are caught talking during the study, they will be smacked with a stick or will be scolded. But let us get back to the dogs.
So, when the boys come out of the building they wag their tails and run about. When the boys ascend the 140 or so steps to the hostel, the dogs follow them barking and whining and howling. They are all going to the hostel where they are going to sleep, the dogs know this.
It feels like the dogs look up to the boys as their masters. No boy in particular but all are their masters. The bell brings order and routine in their lives like it does for the boys. In the morning they come down to the classes with the boys and spend the day around the academic block and the kitchen. At night after the night study they go back to the hostel with the boys. This is what they do every day.
I wonder where they go or do in the winter when the school is empty. A sad feeling creeps in when I think about it.


  1. Yeah, it seems funny but I find it quite intriguing as well. Thank you for reading Sonam.

  2. haha. Thanks for sharing, Nobu. Nice post. You are right. Dogs are very sensitive to timings and the bell. In my school too, I used to always observe that. They will wake up from their cozy sleeps and stretch and get active when the bell rang, especially during the meal time. We would laugh at them and say see how they have adjusted to school's timing so well. Liked reading the post. Happy weekend! Take care. And if you don't mind, please remove the word verification needed when commenting. It would become a lot easier for the readers to comment. Just a suggestion. :)

  3. Sir Novu,

    Nice post.

    We believe in life after death. We consider dogs to be living form closest-to-human life. We also believe they are the most intelligent animals. They have been helpful to humans ever since human civilization began.So feed them well.

    Its nice that your boys are letting them follow to the dining hall and not shooing them off.

    Enjoyed reading.

    Keep posting la.

  4. @Langa - Thank you for reading and I think reading my post must have brought some of your boarder days back. I am not aware of how I remove the word verification, and didn't know it was there in the first place. Thank you for your suggestion, I will do it as soon as possible.
    Thank you.
    @ Tshewang Rabgay - Yes, I totally believe that. Dogs and humans have this special camaraderie which is difficult to explain but always easy to imagine. Thank you for reading.