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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mirror Mirror...

A class mirrors a teacher's mood, spirit, enthusiasm, thoughts, energy... This is what I have come to realize with my six years of teaching. Like the over used maxim, "you need two hands to applaud", it is true that teachers and students have to work together to enjoy a lesson and produce good academic results. However, teachers are the driving force in this commune between the parties.

When I am feeling low, I see my students dull. Even the slightest show of fatigue or boredom is magnified under my glasses which then becomes powerful microscopes. The best thing I have realized in such a situation is to mobilized my teaching passion, renew it and reenergize to set our moods right.
The most useful thing has always been cracking jokes to refresh their minds, it is a skill and I am sharpening it daily. 

But, if I lose myself to anger, all is lost. The promise of an energetic lesson and the happiness of delivering my lesson are destroyed. The frequency of these low moments, if increased will become a habit. It will become a part of me as I become more sour with each moment I lose myself to anger and frustration. I have a choice, and by my choice I define myself. I can choose to become sour when I see some of my students sleepy or I can lift myself up, seize the opportunity for making them and myself enjoy some hearty laughter with some good jokes.  

My students are my mirror image. They reflect me as I see myself. If I am troubled, I see them not very interested in my lesson. If my spirits are high, I find them bright and ready for an exciting class. And I know that I have a choice.

So, Mirror Mirror on the wall...?  


  1. A nice post with interesting and creative lines! I also always feel that teachers are the persons who would need to be most patient and temperamentally best in the world, which personally for me is a huge thing. Yeah, cracking jokes really do shake off boredom and activates senses of the students. A good idea. Keep going.

  2. Very true Sir Nobu. I remember how we use to analyse our teachers mood. If they are happy, they will treat us good. If they are in bad mood then they find wrongs and class becomes a place with dead silence and scared that teacher might pop up something worst and we might get a beat. Well, Teacher and student should work hand in hand and always communicate positively.


  3. Thank you Langa and Yeesi for reading and reinforcing my commitment. Thank you.

  4. @ CAMB is, in fact it is a truth most teacher know but do not apply in their lives. Thank you for reading.

  5. Hmm well said, wish I could joke too!!

  6. yes! renewing and re-energising is the way to go--it helps the teacher AND the students. Great post.

  7. @ Rinchen - I joke about the size of your head some times and it works very well. The children like you a lot.

    @ Lynda - Thank you for reading.