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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wangdue, The Consolidator.

One of the volunteers said, "The feeling of helplessness was so frustrating that, tears automatically rolled down my cheeks, as I stood and could do nothing but watch the fire consume the Dzong". 
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When me and my colleagues from school went to serve refreshments to the volunteers the next day, the feeling that sat heavy on my heart was like that of visiting a beloved relative's funeral. There was this overwhelming feeling of loss and emptiness. I cannot recall any sadder disaster in my living memory.

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This fortress which stood tall and mighty since 1638 was an internal part of our history. Like its name suggest, Wangdue Phodrang, the Place of the Consolidator, it played many a vital role as the seat of bringing unity and consolidating power when Bhutan was once consumed by civil wars and power struggles.
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And even now in its leaving us, in many ways it has lived up to its name. It has brought our people together in feeling for its loss, it has united us in our feelings as Bhutanese people. And though our rebuilding it will never be able to bring back its past glory, it will still, no doubt, unite the Bhutanese people in raising its towers once again like our forefathers did almost 400 years ago.  


  1. a TRAGIC LOSS to a magnificent monument, it is indeed loss for whole world... no matter how much we try to rebuild it the original charm can never be restored... my heart cries for it...!!

  2. Its a huge loss not just for you all but also for the whole world. I feel really bad about it.

  3. you live in such a lovely country, Nobu!

  4. @ Rachna Thank you for your condolence.
    @ Dezmond Yes my country is beautiful, you should visit.