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Thursday, November 17, 2011

the chill and correction

The chill curls around my bare knees like a pussy cat. I shiver with the intense smooching it gives me and struggle with the correction that is before me. I think about going out in the sun but I am so used to working on my table that I can't make myself leave the familiar setting. So, I continue.

The variety of the hand writings, the ideas, the errors and the presentations always overwhelms me. So, before I begin I make sure I am in a good mood because I want to be fair and mark what they(students) deserve. But I am only human, so sometimes I can't help but lose myself to anger. Anger is destructive   and it manifest in my restrain in not wanting to tear, crumple, abuse and destroy the answer script before me. This happens, and I feel ashamed of myself for losing my cool. One may say this is natural and it is only normal. But, I know they are wrong and so am I in becoming angry with the paper before me.

English paper correction is the most challenging. I know most teachers will agree on this, especially when we consider the strength of our students in English. And there is also the nature of the answer to validate my claim. While correcting essays/stories the teacher needs to have full presence of mind and follow the logic of the writing with a coherent conscience. It is in short, mentally very tiring. Following words on end strains the eyes and if one continues it induces headache and dizzy state.

When it is correction time, in our school's case; group evaluation, faces frown.

The thought of having a Correction Machine always intrigues and excites me, but I know that is the escapee in me conspiring to slow me down in my correction. So, I continue my work cursing myself and the cold.  


  1. A nice post, sir. Thanks for sharing your experiences of what you have to go through while correcting students' answer script. Hats off to all the teachers in the country for taking on such a daunting task. If I (I must say we) have to appreciate one person, it is undoubtedly a teacher. Being a teacher would take a lot of effort and patience were what I felt and knew a long time ago and that deterred me from becoming one. I pay my respects to you all and hope the correction goes well, sir. Yeah, the cold weather is really irritating. All the Best and you will be proud o see your students shine, literally your products, in future. Keep posting la.

  2. Don't worry Nubu, we will work on a correction Machine, with a heater on all four sides- that will not only do the tiring work of correcting papers but also keep you warm while you wait. Sounds possible? ha ha ha I too wish for one, I will believe in science only if they can make one.
    Nice post. Do something with the picture.

  3. Thank you for reading Langa and thank you for the HUMOR Passa. Appreciate it.