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Friday, August 12, 2011

Poems For the Royal Couple by my students.

The Day We Waited For - Tashi Choden XI Sci A , Punakha HSS

The day that we waited for,
The moment that we longed for all these years,
Has finally come,
Has finally blessed us.

I, like the rest of your people am excited,
Yet, cannot express my feelings.
I can only feel deep within myself,
The warmth of the occasion.

So, I just want to wish you happiness,
May happiness forever be yours with her by your side.
May the two of you shine together and grow in love,
Wiser and fonder of each other as the years unfold.

With this beginning of a new chapter in your life,
May you live in each other the dream you always dreamt.
May the two become one and grow on each other.
Undying, undaunted, unwavering and undulated.

The people’s Queen will be crowned.

 My King’s Queen – Kelden D Tshomo XI Sci C, Punakha HSS

Love and marriage go through,
Like a horse and the carriage.
One needs to give the best,
At the very first choice.

As the farsighted King,
Has chosen his little bride,
Happiness is blowing in the wind.
Celebrations surround us all.

October 13th , he announced,
And there was excitement everywhere.
With the lovely bride-to-be.
We wish you a Happy Marriage.

Happiness for My King. – Dawa Norbu XI Com, Punakha HSS

When once the sun shined,
For the karmic cycle of Ling Khesar.
The flowers bloomed with sweet fragrance,
And the rainbows embraced the Earth.
From her Highness Ashi Tshering Yangden Wangchuk,
The Dragon’s Heir smiled.
As the heavens gazed down to bless
The People’s King was born.

The Gods keep him close,
The angels hold him dear.
And today an angel has become dearer to him,
She has won a special place in his big heart.

She is my King’s love,
My country’s mother,
Our people’s prayers answered,
And my King’s true joy.

If other leaders and kings behold her,
For her they would battle and gift diamonds.
And if beggars and poor men behold her,
They would sacrifice to win her.

But nether to beggars nor to other kings,
Belongs my Ashi Jetsun Pema.
But to my adorable King does she belong,
Who is the most capable of holding her hand tenderly.

The Heavens will gather to bless their union,
The people will sing their heartfelt songs which they have been saving,
The universe will conspire to unite them,
And, I will sing my poem as a song for them.

To My King and Queen – Tshering Tashi, XI Sci A, Punakha HSS

The moment I heard the news,
I emptied my heart, and filled it with happiness,
For I could not help but feel overwhelmed,
For I could not help but feel sheer joy.

Your Highness Ashi Jetsuen Pema,
Thank you for making my King happy.
Thank you for holding his hand,
And thank you for being kind to us.

You are that new light,
That will further brighten my King’s World.
The World that the two of you will nurture together,
In happiness, in love, with compassion, and with maturity.

My King has made his people happy,
By deciding to give us a Queen.
But he has made us more happy,
By choosing Ashi Jetsun Pema.

On the joyous auspicious occasion,
The Gods and Goddesses will come to Earth,
For Heaven then will be on Earth.
When our King will take his bride.

I wish I could express all the joy that’s in my heart.
Join my hands and smile a contented smile.
A smile like a smile at the end of reading a fairy tale,
For I see and know the pair will live, ‘Happily Ever after’. 

My King is tying his Heart – Pema Norbu XI Sci C, Punakha HSS

Oh, My King!
I salute, I bow,
To you and your greatness.
We owe you our happiness.
A King you are,
Yet so simple, so humane.
You in truth are the People’s True King.
My lavish but true praises are in your honor.

Your love for us is boundless,
For your heart is wide like the mighty ocean,
For your first love is your people.
But I beg you to let us be your second.

For now, to help you love your people and country more,
Your Love, Ashi Jetusen Pema will take your side.
You will rest your tired head on her lap at the end of your day,
She will steal you away, and sooth your tired shoulders.
She will listen to the words from your heart,
And you will find in her your wishes fulfilled; your dreams come true.
So, may you fall in love with your Queen,
Every morning, every new day, again and again.

We hold our hands as one,
And our souls together to pray.
A toast to your love and joy,
Warm Good Wishes to both your reign.

Happy for My King – Sonam Yangchen, XI Sci C, Punakha HSS

Always a bright smile on her face,
Pure light shines in her eyes.
Gentleness and gracefulness; natural for her.
Above all, virtuous she is.

I saw her once upon a dream,
Shortly this dream will become real.
My heart sings for my King,
As I know he is happy.

The wedding sounds sweet,
And we long for it sooner.
Our hearts beat impatiently,
But beat with joy.

I know a similar beat beats in my King’s chest,
I know he is also impatient to make us happy.
He is also counting the days and dreaming the day,
When we will celebrate his love for his Queen.

So I am happy for my King,
For I know he is happy.

 The Priceless Moment – Shabnam Thatal, XI Sci C, Punakha HSS

The moment of joy is on its way.
A moment to be cherished and a moment to be remembered.
A moment like this comes once in a life time,
I know this, so I write my heart’s desire.

Every time we talk about the royal wedding,
Smiles flair up and brighten many faces.
Hearts become light and float like the cotton clouds
High and euphoric becomes our state.

The moment that will unfold will be marked in history,
Engraved in our hearts, printed in time.
Our King is marrying a beautiful sweet Queen.
May they forever be in love.
May they pour into each other their hearts and souls.
May they forever be young  and never grow old in love.
May they climb the ladder to higher goals,
And may they live in each other their dreams.

I join many of my fellow citizens,
To wish our King and Queen,
To pray for their happily-ever-after,
I wrote this poem.

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  1. dear sir..reading this post reminds me of how we celebrated our democracy last brings so much of happiness to read this poem and its you who alys inspire your students to write..thanks for everything was a joy to learn from you.