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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Writing.

I have not written anything for sometime now and this feeling is suddenly making me afraid; what if I can no longer write what I feel, what if the words that I use can no longer give shape to my feelings. If this happens, I might lose a precious part of my life. The part that helps me reinvigorate my senses to the happenings around me. It helps me not to act on my impulse but gather a ground from where I can contemplate my doings and bring about maintenance to the life I am living. Writing has opened my soul and made it ready for me to look at myself through critical eyes to bring better changes. The things that I write have made me aware of my own feelings that I record in words to revisit them later. Sometimes I relive them. In reliving those moments, I gain control over in studying, understanding, and realizing myself in a much better and sometimes improved way. Thus, I am thankful for this gift, which helps me understand myself and the life that I am living.

I want to write poems, for they say poems are the vehicles of ones feelings to the outside world. It is the noble language of the hearts that only a heart speaks and is contained by a heart. However, I seldom am able to write one, is my heart not worthy enough for this noble writing? Must I fret and squeeze to lay my senses on some powerful verse? On the other hand, am I just not pleased with the words that my muse sends me? I have the feeling that I can write my heart. I just need the right moment to put it down on paper. I have written few and when I read them they help me to contemplate my feelings, they give me joy and feed me the nectar from their flowers of petal-words. Bacon said reading makes a man full and writing a complete man. So here I am, writing away my thoughts and feelings but I feel I have not yet fully tamed my skills. I need to polish my words so that it would shine back my feelings like looking at a clear mirror of my emotions.
So I pray to the God of words to bless me with words of clear purity and expression to pass on my messages to the outside world and to my own heart the beauty of life that is laid before me for my senses to nibble on. I thank for the words I have at my disposal right now and pray for more.

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