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Monday, June 10, 2013

GNH Quiz

We came third in the first ever GNH quiz but we could have come first.
Barry O' Brien

We led the competition from the start till the 4th round. The first round was Bhutan Round and I was proud sitting in my chair when my team got all the questions right. The quizmaster repeatedly said that when our children knew who was Leonial Messi and how many goals he scored the last season it was more important that we know about ourselves first. While other teams failed to answer questions on Bhutan my team was leading with flying colours. But the audio, visual and the celebrity rounds came as deciders for us. These rounds decided that we would be taking the Talking Globe and not the Smallest Projector or the Toshiba laptop home.

It was also very thought provoking to know that almost all the teams could not do the classroom round well which had questions from the textbooks. The Mothithang HSS team had the whole Bhutan first and second on their team.

My team worked hard and they did a fairly good job. However, I felt my team and for that matter most of my students in my school are disadvantaged when it comes to participation in such events. My school is a boarding school and the school policy considering access to digital media is limited or nil. This I believe is same for all the boarding schools in the country.

From right; Norbu Tshering, Pema Rabgay, Barry O' Brien, Anisha Subba, Dr. Wang, and Mrs. Wang.
Yangchenphu HSS and Pelkhil HSS on the other hand were able to make the best out of the rounds that involved digital media. Being day schools, their students had access to television, music, magazines, the Internet and other forms of media at home. Another fact that is important, is most of their students come from families who are educated, unlike my students who spent their winter herding cows.
Talking Globe, the 3rd Prize  

At the end, the realization and the reminder that once again I highlighted to myself was that, Media is powerful and our children learn more from it than from the textbook or from me. I hope the Education Secretary also took note of this fact breathing before her as she graced the program.