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Friday, April 26, 2013

To be with You

My once mild heart has now become wild,
I look for answers and there is but one.
You swirl crazy gales within me,
But I am happy for the feeling.
They make me feel alive
Complete and incomplete together I feel
So a little bit lonely at times without you.
You came with answers and lifted my soul high,
And now I don’t wonder what heaven is like,
For I know being with you is the closest thing to it.
Ticklish days pass by with hopes of being in your arms,
Lonely nights are dreamt away with your thoughts,
Busy days are lost in dreaming about you.
But in all this upheaval I find a strange happiness,
A meaning to why I pass my days so eagerly,

For you, to be with you, and to love you.
I now open my eyes in the morning,
Close my eyes to dream away the nights,
So that Time will pass by and I can be with you.

Remembering the moments six years ago 
Happy Anniversary My Nalaypem


  1. Congratulations n your anniversary, Nobu sir. I would like to wish you and ma'am a happy life filled with love and happiness. The poem is beautiful by the way! :) Hope you are doing fine.

    1. As always your words were anticipated. Thank you very much Langa. I will convoy your good wishes to my wife.

  2. Happy 6th Anniversary Sir, the poem says it all, all the best ahead..:)

    1. Thank you Tshewang. I hope I will be writing poems about her even on our 50th anniversary.

  3. Happy anniversary! A big reason to celebrate your union with your wife,your soul mate. And a lovely poem though - all in high praise for her. Beautifully crafted. After all, it came out of a beautiful mind and beautiful relationship. All the best for your future la.

    1. Thank you Riku. I hope I will be reading love poems in your post and wishing you the same soon.

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. It's 2nd May. Happy Teacher's Day!!! And I guess, it's a good time to wish to you and your wife a very Happy Anniversary Day.
    As always, the poem is exotic full of love and life :D