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Friday, June 1, 2012

Returning on the Beaten Teacher

Picture by Botho(my sister)
Opinions are triggered by impulse. When one’s kind is attacked, one takes it personal and loses the right thought. When I read in the Kuensel that a parent had beaten a teacher, it made me sad and angry.
I was more angry than sad, so I wrote my opinion, but didn’t realize there could be another story to the Kuensel’s story. I have also come to believe what people say about our media to be true, that they are not credible. The news misinterpreted the teacher’s spank on the boy’s back as just a tap. I found out that the teacher spank the boy four times, the boy even tried to run but the teacher caught him and spanked him hard on the back. What the boy did was, he asked some doubts in a challenging manner. I also came to know that the teacher always picked on that particular student. The father did not enter the classroom but called the teacher out. The teacher got one lakh for his broken tooth, and he went to Kolkata to fix his tooth. The teacher is still teaching in the same school.

Talking with some of my colleagues, most say that the teacher got what he deserved, but also agree that the father could have made it less painful the teacher and more civil for himself .

I think the teacher should encourage his students to ask questions and doubts, and always find time to clarify them.  


  1. How unfortunate for both the teacher and student to go through such unexpected incident. It would have been favourable if student asked the question with doubts rather than showing attitude because teacher never expect their students to be rude. Accordingly, teacher needs to act wise and kind and allow freedom of asking doubts and questions because no question is stupid and even if it is, there is an honest answer for every question.

  2. It was unfortunate, and looks more like the teacher brought it upon himself. Thank you Yeesi for sharing your opinion.