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Sunday, May 20, 2012

District Sports Meet – Update from Punakha HSS

My school recently finished our Sports Day and last week we again had the honor of hosting the Inter District Sports Meet.
This is a big occasion for the Dzongkhag and for all the schools whose students came to my school to exhibit their skills, stamina, talent, and discipline. Students from seven schools consolidated at Punakha HSS. The various competitions challenged and tested their perseverance, skills, training, and heart.

Muhammad Ali said,  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision.’ The week that was we witnessed many who pushed themselves further for that desire, dream and vision.
About five hundred students participated in the various events. We witnessed young bodies charged with energy run, throw, jump, and play. It is their time to challenge themselves, and they did.  
Sports build character and it is very valid that sports events like these are held in all the districts in our country. The winning teams will play the Regional Championship and then move on to play at the National level. One objective of the Sports Meet was mass participation, and that was achieved considering the number of participants.

Today, when youth crime is on the rise, games and sports are important measures that educators should take to build character in our young people. Engaging their energy and interest in their choice of sports can make all the difference in their conduct. There are lots of opportunities today for our youth to make the wrong choice but training them to work as a team, teaching them valuable skills of depending on one another and making the right decision can be achieved by sports. 

A boy in my school for the love of the game of football was willing to change, willing to become good. The Hollywood movie Coach Carter exhibits a man who brings changes in the lives of many of his students because they love the game and to play the game they work hard to improve themselves academically as well as improve their character. This is good and can happen, we only need the right people.  

The winning teams with their Trophies cheered for the organizers. I joined them to acknowledge.

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