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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quarterly Test

In some schools there are weekly test and then the midterm, trial and the final exams. In my school we have the weekly test in the classes depending on the individual teachers, the usual midterm, trial, the final and then in between the midterm and the finals we have the Quarterlies.

The quarterly exams started last year with the sole and obvious objective of helping the students do better in their final exams. It has been quite effective with the classes nine and the eleven but most students from classes ten and twelve do not seems to take it seriously. Most class twelve students failed. One reason being that they don’t receive any help with the marks they score in these quarterlies. What they manage in the final board exam is the final marks; no internal marks are added from the quarterlies. Our first quarterlies begin from the 14th of this month.

What I am not able to understand and convince myself is that most students fail to see is that these quarterly exams can help them prepare and always be ready for the finals. It surprises me and I am disappointed with their attitude. To a certain extent something like this can be tolerated in lower classes where the children are young and do not have the mental maturity to value such an effort by the school. Our children are all ‘would be fathers and mothers’ had they been in the village, yet they fail to realize their purpose in school.  In the village by seventeen or eighteen one would have already fathered or mothered a child and shouldered responsibilities that would have matured them before their actual time.

Of course the basis of my conclusion is last year’s experience but I am still afraid it will repeat this year. If it does, then some thing somewhere is seriously wrong. We will need to seriously consider it; we can do with some advice.


  1. Weekly test is surely going to benefit the students and the students only. Sometimes, it is important that we don't always reflect on their failure but rather encourage them to move further.
    When we point the presence of negative in them, they mentally gets weak and eventually discourages them to study.
    Just my thought Sir. I hope the students take in the test and exams seriously for their own benefit!

  2. Yes, I do agree with you. Focusing on the positives more than mentioning the negatives or the failures is important. Thank you.