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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Drought

I have not been able to post for a long time and that feeling is burdening my conscience. Some how things were never to my advantage or play when it came to updating my post. In December I shifted my house and there by lost my broad band connection, I tried to get a new one but the telecom people said that it was not possible because the distance was too long. Then I tried to get a data card but I was broke, later when I had the money I had no time. The class ten evaluation kept me busy till the end of January. After that many things came up to keep me away from my blog. Even right now I am in a internet cafe in Kolkata, stealing some time away from my grandfather and uncle.

So, it has been like a drought with my blogging. Like the heat parched land and the bone dry animals I wait for the first showers of opportunity for my blogging to nibble. In January I met Passu and he told me that the best thing a blogger can do is keep on posting, and the ironic thing was, right after that I was busy. It was as if every thing was working against me.

So, it seems it will be 'Blocked Out' a blog post which I once read by a teacher (Sonam Norbu) at Samentengang because his data card was out.

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