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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Punakha HSS's Tshorwa

‘Tshorwa’ or ‘Tshornang’ is The Word in my school now. This word came with our new principal and it has deep implications, I have realized. ‘Tshorwa’ is a Dzongkha word which means ‘feeling’ or ‘realization’ and ‘Tshornang’ means the same but only in Choekay. This word has an overbearing essence when we contemplate on how our feelings can run our lives. The intention is profound when it comes to the connection between our thought and delivering them into action. If our tshorwa is pure, our action is good.

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My principal’s most used word is tshorwa or tshornang and I find that very enlightening every time I hear him say it because he reminds me of my thoughts and the realizations I need to give life to. He reminds me of my purpose and my responsibilities, he needn’t say it to me but does it in a very self-helping way. To the students tshorwa always accompanies the words ‘academic vitality’ reinforcing their objective, their purpose of being in the school. The students have nick named him Academic Vitality and we the teachers call him Tshorwa.

I heard many good things about Tshorwa before he came to us and every word down to the very last letter seems to be true. He is a principal with principles and it swells my chest with pride and joy to talk about him. To work, I wont say under him because he doesn’t give us that feeling, but to work with him is, learning every day.

There is a saying, ‘Like a fruit tree which bends under the weight of the rich fruits, one should also bend low with humility when one accomplishes knowledge’, my Principal is that fruit tree. I have only observed egos swelling with more knowledge acquired, I do not exclude myself from this but my principal exemplifies these wise words, he is a humble fruit tree.

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  1. Nice read, sir. Yeah, there are some persons who inspire us and is a pride to talk about. Your principal seems to have turned out to be one for you. :) Keep posting.