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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my day

I got up at five thirty in the morning because I had study duty today. I reached home at nine thirty, actually the night study is over by eight thirty but something happened.

Two boys were fighting, the fight started because one of them got irritated because the other was sneezing when he was studying. When I intervened, both of them had their own justifications and they were both correct. They argued at the top of their voices even after my telling them not to in my presence.

In one of the senior classes one boy was sleeping and it was night study. I thought he was sick so I asked him but when he spoke, a faint familiar smell whisked by my nose. It was alcohol. When I asked him his name, the name was familiar because I heard his name before. This was not his first default, he was already given his last warning. I talked with him through out the night study. His father had died when he was in class seven, he had a heart problem, his mother was a farmer, he was the only one in his family who had reached this far when i came to education and he said that he is addicted to alcohol.
I didn't know what to say.
I didn't report him to the principal but I left him with few questions to ask himself tonight. Some of the questions were;
Am I a good son? 
Do I love my mother? 
What are my mother's expectations from me?
Am I setting a good example for my younger brother? 
What will happen to me if the principal found out? 
How will I hurt my mother if I get expelled from school?
How can I make my mother and brother proud of me?
What will be my future if I continue consuming alcohol?

I can't remember all the questions but the above mentioned were few that we decided and wrote in his book.I asked him to write the answers and show them to me tomorrow. I hope he will sit on his bed and ask himself all these questions and take time to answer them.
And tomorrow I am referring him to the School Guidance Counselor.

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